Welcome to GeeWorks™

GeeWorks™ is a company of Training Specialists that delivers product information, engages the audience, and demonstrates passion—always with the goal of building sales in the stores. 

GeeWorks™ was created to support the industry need for vendor-paid cosmetic training in all venues. The company is comprised of nine seasoned, experienced and professional trainers strategically located across the United States. Their presentations are fact-filled, entertaining and delivered with the highest level of professionalism. Owner Gloria Pflanz has a long-standing relationship with the trainers, who have worked with and for Ms. Pflanz for as many as 22 years or as few as five years.

Alberto Culver, Jane Cosmetics, Revlon and Almay have each applauded the training, impressed with the results in sales. All these vendors have requested repeat training the last two years for the Walgreens schools, which speaks to their continuing dedication to the training done by GeeWorks™ Training Specialists.

Geeworks™ is pronounced jee-works.

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